Little Greene Paint & Paper by Helma Interior

Harmony of colors & wallpapers are the basis for your perfect home. We know how to do it!

Water-based paints & wallpapers with history

With the highly pigmented paints from Little Greene you can implement all your projects. From paints for wooden furniture, wooden floors, outdoor areas to the walls in the children’s room, there are the right color qualities.

The Little Greene Paint & Paper Company stands for timelessly beautiful colors, wallpapers and a deep connection to nature. The independent, family-run English paint manufacturer is dedicated to the environmentally friendly production of high-quality paints and wallpapers.

Inspired by the rich history of England and translated into the modern context, there is a beautiful selection of high-quality wallpapers.

Are you thinking of bringing this great tradition home?

Particularly high pigmentation

The high pigment density of the inks should be emphasized: The, compared to many common colors, over 40% higher pigment content ensures finely graded shades. Depending on the light conditions, these change subtly and yet always retain the character that makes Little Greene so extraordinary!

The mysterious and differentiated formulations give Little Greene Paint & Paper Company colors their multi-layered uniqueness.

One can touch up the painted surfaces with small units of quantity, even after years, without any visible difference. All colors are to be used as reference and can be ordered after.

Are you thinking of bringing this great tradition home?

The right quality for every surface

We advise you to choose the right color for your project. Highly developed primers and color compositions allow for best results on different substrates.

Interior and exterior wood, interior and exterior wall paint, floors or even radiators can be painted with Little Greene paints.

Today’s paint quality is the result of continuous development of the experience gained and has been tried and tested for many years.

Little Greene Paint & Paper Company pays attention to the continuous preservation of the highest quality of paint and the continuation of time-honored traditions.

Are you thinking of bringing this great tradition home?

High quality wallpaper

Truly remarkable is the concept of Little Greene’s unique wallpaper collection, often based on historical models:

These are produced using specialized printing processes on the highest quality papers to give the wallpapers their refined textures, elegant look, robustness, and durability.

Are you thinking of bringing this great tradition home?

Harmonious color combinations

At Neptune by Helma Interior Store, we know how essentially the harmony of colors and wallpapers with furniture and interior is for your perfect home.

We will develop for you a color palette that suits you. In addition, we will find for you decorative wallpapers that can be a highlight in your home.

Are you thinking of bringing this great tradition home?

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