Creating a cozy Kitchen

With the Kitchen being such a central part of a home, its important to create a feeling of comfort that will make your family feel good and create an inviting setting for guests. Here are some tips on how to create a cozy kitchen.

Paint has a big impact on how a room feels and looks. The nice thing about the kitchen, is that you can choose colors for both the cabinetry as well as the walls. The kitchen collections at Neptune come in standard colors, but if you have a certain color scheme in mind for the room, there are a lot of different colors to choose from that will create either a warmer or cooler aesthetic.

Playing with texture is an easy way to create a cozy environment, and the kitchen is no exception here. A hardwood floor coupled with an exposed brick wall for example, will create a lot of warmth. Putting wood paneling on the ceiling can be another way to bring in an additional texture. It can also be added in smaller accents like pillows on the chairs, cushions on a bench, and with accessories.

Lighting can make or break the ambience of a kitchen. We recommend to use dimmers on all lighting in the kitchen so that you are in full control over the mood you want to create. If you have an island, it is always a good idea to hang some pendant lights above the island. Spots are commonly used on the ceilings, or perhaps even some cove lighting. The glass cabinetry will also have lighting strips integrated, giving off a nice glow.

Rugs or Throws
Although this is something most don’t think to include in a kitchen, if you have the space and perhaps even a table in your kitchen then a rug can be placed underneath for additional texture. If this table is far away from the space used for cooking, then it should not be a problem. Placing throws over the chairs are also pleasing to the eye.

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