The importance of Details

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames.

At Neptune, details are also in the forefront in all of the design decisions and in the conception of the individual furniture pieces. A beautiful and functional cabinet might work at a distance, but under closer inspection, it wont hold up to the expectations if the door catches don’t work properly and aren’t integrated well into the design.
Here are a few examples of the fine details you will love.

In the Chichester grand chest of drawers and dressers and in some of the cabinets in the Chichester and Suffolk Kitchen collections you will notice that the bottom drawers are deeper than the top drawers. This goes largely unnoticed but makes a big difference in how you use the drawers and the ease of storage for all of the items in your kitchen.

A feature that has been around for a while in the carpentry world, is the use of zig-zag shelf supports. You might find these in antique pieces, but most modern designs have done away with this feature. At Neptune however, the importance and versatility of this detail is highly regarded and has been included in the designs of its cabinetry to hold shelves in place. It is a saw-tooth-like piece of timber that runs the height on either side of the interior of the cabinet walls. This allows you to be flexible and position the shelves to best suit your needs. They can also be painted to match the rest of the interior.

The doors in the cabinetry of the kitchens, dressers, or sideboards will have a variety of catch styles that match the different collections. Some are equipped with traditional roller catches to match the style of the furniture- in the Chichester collection for example. They come in a chrome finish which matches the handles and hinges. An extra bonus to these roller catches is that they can be loosened or tightened to suit your preference.
Other kitchen collections have magnetic catches. They work by concealing a small magnet that is within the frame of the door which holds securely onto the corresponding magnet in the catch which is discreetly fitted within the cabinet. They are cushioned with a leather pad, so that when you close the door you don’t get a sharp bang, but a muffled thump instead. These come in four finishes- bronze, black bronze, chrome, and brass.

These are just a few of many examples of some of the details that elevate the Neptune furniture pieces to their high quality standard.

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