Designing a Neptune Laundry Room

A utility room, more commonly known as the laundry room, is often located near the kitchen and contains cabinetry that is a lower standard than the kitchen cabinetry. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. A laundry room can still serve its function while being just as aesthetically pleasing as the kitchen.

An important component in any laundry room, is the sink. Here, we recommend using a Belfast sink which comes as a single, or if the space allows a double. These sinks are nice and deep, which will allow you to be flexible. As far as the other functional cabinetry goes, these may vary from the ones in the kitchen depending on which jobs you need to complete as part of your daily routine.

As part of the laundry cabinetry choices provided by Neptune, there is the option of including a full height washer/dryer cabinet which will allow you to stack the washer and dryer on top of one another so that you don’t lose as much floor space. It is designed so that it can carry the weight and also includes vents to keep the machines from overheating.
There is also the Laundry basket cabinet, which comes in two different sizes depending on the lay out of the room.
One of the most popular cabinets in the laundry room is the broom cupboard. This full height cabinet provides a space for storing tall items such as an ironing board and vacuum cleaner, or brooms. The door has a rack on the interior which allows for the storing of different cleaning products.

For the base cabinetry, you can mix and match drawers and one door cabinets, depending on how you will be using the space. Wall space can be utilized by using floating shelves or wall cabinetry for additional storage. As part of the Chichester collection, there is the option of a wall-mounted, pull-out airing rack where you can hang even more clothes to dry.

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