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Neptune & Helma Interior

For over 20 years, Helma Interior has pursued the goal of finding unique artisanal treasures from around the world and bringing them to you.

With Neptune, we have succeeded in gaining a truly exceptional partner for Heidelberg. The interior design company is based in England. Its furniture and kitchens reflect a timeless lifestyle: uniquely classic design that suits both urban and rural environments.

Our credo

Our credo has always been sustainability, the use of natural materials and the promotion of craftsmanship. The love for natural materials and the perfectly shaped union of tradition with modern craftsmanship can also be found in every single piece of Neptune furniture.

Unique design made from sustainable, durable materials

Neptune by Helma Interior - for new phases of life

You can afford more, you want to be more comfortable?
Working life or home office – you want to create a “personal island”, arrive at home to regenerate?
Transition to parenthood – you do everything for your child and rearrange the apartment?
The children’s departure – now you want a new kitchen and reorganize the rooms?
Transitioning into retirement – are you downsizing or rearranging exactly how you simply want to handle it?

Talk to our Neptune by Helma Interior living consultants.

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We advise you for your individual room project

Visit the Neptune by Helma Interior Showroom in Heidelberg, Germany

In our Neptune by Store in Heidelberg, we are very happy to welcome you at any time. Share our view of “slow living” and take the time it takes for decisions to mature – because it’s worth any time to wait for unique things that give pleasure for a lifetime!

Share your ideas and wishes with us

Entrust us with your project. No matter whether small or elaborate: We are always there for you!

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