Living space transformation through styling

We redecorate your rooms: new color schemes, window decoration, furnishing & accessories.

Room styling

At Neptune by Helma Interior design, we understand “interior design through styling” as proposals that beautify the living situation without the need for substantial construction work.

This includes, for example, color schemes, window decorations, furnishings, renewal of linens or fabrics in the bathroom and bedroom, as well as the selection of distinctive home accessories or amenities.

Let's look for inspiration & change together!

Interior design
without compromise

You don’t have to rebuild right away and tackle a big project to beautify your personal environment. Your four walls quickly become an accepted habit or you are constantly searching without really “finding” and live with compromises.

Reinvent your rooms with wall colors, wallpapers and home accessories.

Let's look for inspiration & change together!

New space concepts for new space utilization

Sometimes it is relocations or new phases of life that call for redesign and renewal. Projects that – with a defined goal – can be implemented piece by piece.

We accompany you, for example, in the relocation, in the transition from study to work, in the redesign for age-appropriate comfort, as well as in the integration of living and working environment (keyword “home office”) to equip a work-life balance.

Let's look for inspiration & change together!

Small room changes with great effect

Often it is small changes or individualization, which used correctly, achieve a great effect – this is what we specialize in!

With our professional many years of experience in the field of room design and interior design and the view from the outside, we quickly see how to achieve these goals.

Let's look for inspiration & change together!

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