Made to measure & individualization

We allow for made to measure sewing, individual color schemes and customized furniture.

Made to measure

For the business philosophy of Neptune by Helma Interior, it is an essential criterion to cooperate with manufactures that can produce individual requests for our customers and have a handicraft production away from mass production.

Thus, it is no problem for our color supplier Little Greene to produce your desired shade in any color quality. Neptune can offer individual special designs in its manufacturing.

And our table and bedding suppliers do an outstanding job as well, being able to make any size.

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Personalized embroidery

Should an individualization with embroidery or monogram be the desire? This is also no problem, we know the right artisans who can offer you this craftsmanship.

These small details are time-consuming to work on and just mean the “certain difference”, which finally results in your unique style.

We wholeheartedly appreciate not living in a standardized world and are happy to give “free play” to individual design ideas.

Do you have an individual inquiry?

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