Neptune’s Chichester Kitchen Collection

The English solid wood kitchen with classic details for a modern lifestyle. The Chichester kitchen collection is the original kitchen design from the English furniture manufacturer.

Flexible solutions

In the Chichester collection you will find modern features in a classic English style with a choice of beautiful paint colors.

As with all wooden kitchens, the kitchen cabinets in the Chichester collection can be used as freestanding elements and can be repositioned and added to as needed.

The traditional carpentry manufacturing technique is always the more sustainable choice for furniture, due to its longevity.

Because of the solid wood construction method, all cabinets can be refinished even years later to fit your lifestyle. Touch-up work of any kind is also possible on wood kitchen cabinets over the years without having to buy completely new cabinets. This way, your Neptune kitchen grows with you and provides a sustainable solution.

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Classic details

Decoratively detailed trim on wooden doors and drawers distinguishes the classic Chichester design. Add your personal character with a high-quality paint job on the interior and exterior of all wooden cabinets.

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Clever equipment

If you need a utility room or laundry room to go with your kitchen, you can also design it with cabinets from the Chichester collection. Thus, you will create a harmonious interior design concept for your home.

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Product Descriptions and Services


Our Neptune kitchens are all made of natural materials. Like the different types of wood used, the highly pigmented water-based furniture paint colors are manufactured in so-called batches which may cause them to vary a bit due to the production process. Due to the many steps in production, the smallest deviations can occur, which are acceptable for the strict quality control, but can become visible in a finished overall picture. For those who place absolute perfection at the top of their list, Neptune offers to include color from a batch with the order. This way, after installation, a painter can create an entire final finish or refurbish an aging kitchen to look like new. If years later you want to change the style, it is possible to re-paint the entire kitchen. Neptune kitchens remain flexible and can be remodeled for a lifetime! During the ordering process, we will ask you if you would like to order extra color at that time to achieve the greatest possible consistency.


What new built-in kitchen appliances fit? What about free-standing units?
The market for electric kitchen appliances is immense and confusing. Neptune gives recommendations for built-in appliances, which are particularly suitable for use with their cabinets. Special requests can be discussed in a conversation with Neptune. A technical service is available for this purpose.


What are the costs for delivery from England? Where will the kitchens be delivered?
During the planning phase, a cost estimate is prepared, which lists every detail of the order. Based on this list, Neptune can estimate the scope of delivery and weight, and determine the delivery cost. Typically, a single delivery is arranged that comes directly from the Swindon headquarters to the customer. This cost, in our experience, is around €750 and is always quoted in advance.


The Neptune kitchen is the focal point of your home.

Neptune furniture and kitchens are an exclusive brand product from Swindon, located near London. The lifestyle, cultivated there, close to nature yet urban and chic, is incorporated into the design.

Neptune kitchens connect the different living spaces in a home. The philosophy is one of sustainability, reusability, functionality, and a high level of craftsmanship that has been streamlined to offer an attractive price point for a customized high-quality product.

The kitchens are made of plantation-grown solid wood (oak or white birch) with remarkable craftsmanship, as well as intricate details.

What are the different product lines?

There are 4 different model lines offered:

  • Chichester: elegant British country style with many convincing intricate details
  • Suffolk: simple Shaker style, absolutely timeless
  • Henley: a further development of all kitchen lines with characteristic oak fronts.
  • Limehouse: urban metropolitan design, loft style-contemporary
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