Bedroom – Beds & Wardrobes

Solid wood and other natural materials provide relaxation and a feel-good atmosphere in the sleeping area

Bedroom interior design

The sleeping area as a private retreat should offer peace and relaxation. Wonderful natural materials provide the framework for this in the Neptune program.

We create a bedroom for you to feel good and relax. For this purpose, we combine high-quality wooden furniture with a variety of textile structures and colors.

The result is a harmonious feeling of space for your sleep. Together with you, we create the appropriate color concept and take practical aspects into account.

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Best materials

Timeless interior design, handcrafted mattresses and furniture parts, solid wood and upholstery textiles made of natural fibers are the perfect conditions for a restful sleep.

For the beds Neptune has the luxurious mattresses from Vispring.

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Bedroom furniture & wardrobes

In addition, there are fitted or freestanding wardrobe systems, which are especially useful in the bedroom area.

Complementing your current bedroom, we can find individual bedroom furniture such as closets, armchairs, side tables and many other accessories.

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