Storage & flexible fitted walls

It's all a matter of organization - Neptune offers modular cabinet systems the way you need them

Modular wooden shelves & cabinets

Need more storage or better fitting storage? Good design enriches and matches seamlessly. An important goal for us, when choosing furniture, is always to advise especially practical and suitable for your lifestyle.

For this, we offer different clever shelf and cabinet combinations as flexible fitted walls that store your things well and make tidying up easier.

We can help you find the right cabinet and shelving combination. Select from different cabinet modules and shelving options. For this, we will be happy to advise you for the best color choice that suits your interior.

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Wood cabinets for eternity

We are enthusiastic about the many thoughtful details of the wooden furniture, which are brought into the pieces with a high vertical range of manufacture and serve exactly this purpose.

The cabinets are created in high-quality carpentry and are painted in an individual color at your request.

Due to the timeless design, the high-grade processing of solid wood, these cabinets and shelves are a purchase for eternity. If you want to store a little more in the future, flexible fitted walls can be easily added.

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Fitted shelving & flexible storage

We will find a solution for your organization at home.

Whether it’s extra shelves in the cabinet doors, clever drawer dividers, extra space in a stool or the matching baskets, there’s always an idea for storage space optimization for Neptune flexible fitted walls!

Built-in shelving is a fantastic solution for a wide variety of spaces. This is how good furniture design helps make organizing and tidying easier.

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Baskets & boxes as flexible storage space​

Flexible storage space can also be found in baskets and boxes of different types and sizes. These organizational accessories are decorative and practical at the same time.

Tailored to your lifestyle, we complete the planning with these practical storage space additions.

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