Neptune furniture – in combination or as a unique piece

Discover high-quality real wood furniture live in the store & showroom of Neptune by Helma Interior design in Heidelberg. We are happy to inspire you!

English wood furniture

Helma Interior has deliberately chosen the English company Neptune. As Neptune by Store, we gather our combined expertise in Heidelberg for your individual style of living in a noble, classic ambience. We can create harmonious room design and timeless interior design for you.

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Neptune furniture
classic to modern

In our showroom in Heidelberg, we show how flexible you can furnish with Neptune furniture. Different product lines are offered, which can be used in a variety of ways.

Whether elegant or country style, Hampton’s style or even urban, modern living – Neptune has the right furniture for every interior design idea.

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Modular wood furniture

A unique, refined, classic design for products that cover the whole world of living.

Worked with a modular system of furniture elements, such as shelves or cabinets, as well as a good selection of basics – especially in the field of upholstered furniture, which can be the foundation of an interior.

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Sustainable materials

Sustainably sourced materials are processed in a handcrafted manner. From the wood to the color, the focus is on sustainability and naturalness.

The vertical range of manufacture is impressive and through the service of being able to customize special requests, you gain an added value that otherwise only a complete individual production can provide!

Do you want to learn more about Neptune furniture?

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