Pantries and mudrooms

Reorganize and redesign your household!

Maximize & design storage space

An almost forgotten room concept is the mudroom. Neptune has taken the idea and recognized the need. Experience the great benefits of an organized and beautiful pantry!

Organize the everyday items in beautiful and functional wooden furniture. We can customize the wood cabinet systems to fit your particular space. This way, we can match the storage room for your new mudroom to your exact lifestyle.

A utility room can also be a joy to use. With optimal planning, we maximize storage space. To achieve this, we work with you to design the right details, such as handles and color of the wooden cabinets and shelves.

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Everything is getting its place

You can store food, create a transition zone from outdoors to indoors, plan shoe racks, store sports stuff and much more.

There’s a perfect cabinet or perfect shelving system for every place in your home. So, every cereal box, shoe and dog toy will find its place.

Find inspiration in our projects

Organization in the mudroom & laundry room

We plan and set up a utility room for you that you love to go to. So, the laundry and organization will take care of itself.

Practical wooden shelves and cabinets fit into your space to save storage area. Make organizing your household easier with clever cabinet and shelving solutions.

All possibilities – Arrange your personal consultation

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