Living room - sideboards, armchairs & sofas

Create your individual place for communication and relaxation - living room for you from Neptune by Helma Interior

Living area
Interior design

For a long time the concept of the living room has left the idea of representation, it has become a meeting place for communication and relaxation.

From the sofa to the individually designed shelf, we will design a harmonious room concept for you.

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Complementary furniture

Would you like to complement and refresh your living area with individual pieces of furniture?

The furniture of Neptune can be wonderfully integrated into already existing furniture. For this we look at your rooms and develop a suitable room concept with you.

With individual new furniture, materials, colors and fabrics, we can bring your living room up to date in just a few steps.

Discover our impressive reference projects

Armchairs & Sofas

With a wide selection of upholstery fabrics and furniture designs, you can create beautiful, cozy corners in your home.

Suitable for small and large corners, for swinging families or for quiet reading corners in your library.

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