Seasonal Interior Updates

With the change of season, we look to our wardrobes as well as our interiors to give us the warmth and comfort we seek during this time of year. This doesn’t mean however that we have to tackle each room in our homes to reflect the new season. There are a few changes that can be made that will make a big difference.

First off, there’s the change in foliage outdoors that can also be reflected indoors. Fill vases, pots and bowls with various autumn shades – variations of deep red, orange and yellow. Green foliage is also a nice accent to include, such as fern or eucalyptus. These can be draped around a fireplace mantel or wrapped around a banister.

If you have been thinking of painting an accent wall in one of your main areas-the living room for example, now is a good time to do so. This is a great way to start off a color concept that you will carry throughout the room. You can reflect and contrast the color you choose on the wall in your sofa cushions, throw blankets and rugs. That will tie the room together nicely. You can also place a mirror on the opposing wall which will open the room up more and at the same time give the illusion of the painted wall filling up more of the space as opposed to actually having to paint the whole room.

Candles are of course a staple this time of year and moving into winter. What most people don’t consider is the effect the vessels have that contain the candles. You can do a lot with the shade and finish of the glass. Amber tinted glass candle holders for example will give off a wonderful warm glow and they pair really well with frosted or etched glass candle holders.

There is no such thing as too many blankets. Nothing says cozy like a nice blanket draped over the sofa, or a basket filled with blankets next to a reading chair. You can add some fall and winter texture here with sheepskin pillows or other heavier textured fabrics to create a feeling of comfort and warmth.

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