Christmas in the Kitchen

Many describe the kitchen as being the heart of a home, but somehow it gets left out when it comes to decorating for Christmas. There are a lot of tasteful and subtle ways to incorporate the kitchen when we spread holiday cheer throughout our home. Sometimes it takes a little bit of thinking outside of the box and considering breaking from the traditional spots you may think of to use things such as a wreath for example.

A beloved spot for the wreath is the front door, to greet guests when they visit or above a fireplace mantle to add some flair in the living room. Some examples of where a wreath could fit into your kitchen would be as a centerpiece, on the kitchen island for example or hung on the wall if you have some free wall space. You could also place it inside of a big double door cabinet like the Larder and have a nice surprise every time you open the doors. If you have a cabinet that you use for storing things you don’t often need, you could also use the furniture knobs as hooks to hang the wreath.

Another big favorite this season are string lights, or fairy lights. These are also great for decorating your kitchen, especially if you have exposed shelving or perhaps a lighting fixture above your island that has a connected middle piece where you can wrap the lights around. You can also weave the string lights around items you have placed on your exposed wall shelving. The lights can be combined with some fir or other seasonal greenery. Most of these string lights don’t need an electrical outlet so you can be flexible in where you use them. Another application for fairy lights can be inside of a glass jar, that you can place on the exposed shelving or anywhere else in the kitchen. You could even combine them with Christmas cookies in the jar, since the LEDs don’t get hot.

Christmas is a season for the senses, so placing a decorative bowl on the island or a table with clove-punctured clementine’s and cinnamon sticks will cater to the sense of smell and taste in a delicate way. You can get creative in the types of fruits and spices you use for your bowls, and even the bowls themselves can be a focal point.

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