Illuminating your home

Lighting plays a very important role in the overall design. It can make or break even the most well designed spaces. Unfortunately, it is also an aspect that people often get wrong. It is often too bright, too dark, misplaced or missing all together. We wanted to give you some tips so that you can be sure to get it right.

Lets start off with table lamps. This type of lamp casts the most flattering and pleasing light, so it should be used throughout your home as the go-to for mood lighting. They can be positioned on surfaces that are close to seating areas or on your nightstands in the bedroom. If you were to quickly need task lighting for a specific area, table lamps also serve you well in this case. When choosing the shades of your lamp, we recommend using fabric shades with a cone shape, so that the light is downcast which creates a nice subtle glow.

When it comes to ceiling lights, most people will gravitate towards recessed ceiling lights. They create a nice big sweep of light that covers a large surface area when lined up in a row. Be careful not to use too many however, because this will create a wash out effect. A popular space in the home where this type of lighting is used, is the kitchen. You can still pair this type of lighting with table lamps.

Pendants are the other choice for ceiling lights. There are a few choices within the category of pendants. One for example is the shaded pendant which will cast light downwards and is usually used over kitchen islands or a dinner table to create task lighting for that specific surface. Chandeliers and Lantern style pendants are best in an area where not a lot of lighting is needed. They will need low-watt bulbs and it is best to have them on dimmer switches. They are wonderful decorative additions.

Floor Lamps are great if you want to free up space on your surfaces. They can be very decorative as well, while functioning as a good task lighting option.

Directional wall lighting is nice to have in areas such as the bedroom, where they can be placed on either side of the headboard or recessed into it to provide you with the perfect amount of light for reading.

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