3 Summer Bedroom Looks using a Neptune Paint Palette

If you are considering spicing things up a bit with the season of summer, we have put together three bedroom looks that will fit into every type of home, from a modern townhouse to a country cottage.
An important component here, are the Neptune Paints that provide a large range of possibilities.

The first look is warm and gentle.
This takes its inspiration from summers softer side-like pastel hues and largely white hues, for example a warm white like Neptune’s color Salt. This color is more gentle than fresh and offers a warmth that will be especially fitting in north or east-facing rooms that have a cooler evening light.

The second look is bright and white.
Use a palette that contains different shades of white. This is a good choice for a south-facing bedroom that gets a lot of sunlight. An example here would be Neptune’s paint color Snow. This will give the room a fresh feel. To keep it from being too white however, be sure to add some contrasting textures and at least one paint that has a different tone. Having dark floors or beams running across the ceiling in a darker shade will help the white stand out more.

The third and final look is a more classic approach.
Blue and white tones have been used for a long time to create a coastal, summery interior. But you may want to avoid falling into the cliche look of the traditional blue and white and instead, put a twist on it by using a mixture of grey-blue tones. Flax Blue would be a good color option to combine with Shell for example. Then you can layer with different textiles.

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