Chandigarh furniture

In the 1950s, the government of the Indian state of Punjab decided to build a new capital, which would become the city of Chandigarh. Working alongside Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret was commissioned with numerous architectural projects and was also responsible for the designs of the furniture to be made for the government and public buildings.

Pierre Jeanneret gave these designs to several cabinetmakers in the Punjab region, who were then commissioned to produce the numerous pieces of furniture for the city according to the specifications of the project.The production requirements varied depending on the project, which meant that different versions of each design were made.

Officially, a piece of Chandigarh furniture cannot be called a “replica” or “reproduction” because there is no production license for these pieces.

Srelle produces Chandigarh furniture in northern India using the same production techniques, production standards and materials that were used in the early 1950s. For this reason, the furniture pieces can be called Chandigarh furniture.

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