Cast iron teapots

Each Japanese cast iron teapot is a noble, fancy unique piece. In order for you to enjoy it as long as possible, please follow the care instructions:

Before the first use, you should rinse the cast iron teapot with hot water. It is significant that no liquid stands in the teapot for a long time. The teapot can be dried inside and out with a soft cotton cloth. Please always clean the teapot by hand and not in the dishwasher. It is best to clean the teapot with a mild neutral soap, never with aggressive acidic cleaners such as vinegar or baking soda. Acidic teas should also be avoided, such as fruits and herbal teas. Generally, cast iron teapots are intended for black or green tea preparations.

The enamel finish is susceptible to scratching. Please handle with care. Small rust spots may occur, but they are normal and not harmful to your health. If you wish, you can correct these rust spots by cleaning or oiling with cooking oil.

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