The Process of Candle Making at Trudon

Chances are, you may be re-stocking your candle supply after a couple of winter months and the holidays behind us. Candles continue to be an integral part of the winter season because they create a cozy atmosphere.

The scent is the first criteria when shopping for a new candle, especially during this time of year we tend to gravitate towards scents that reflect the cuisine and nature of the season. Another criteria may be the overall look of the candle, since we will be displaying it in our homes as a decorative piece as well. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in creating these candles and we want to give you an inside look into the process.

At Trudon, which is the oldest candle manufacturer in the world (since 1643), the scent is created in cooperation with world class perfumers who are experts in their field. They are the result of careful development, starting with the choosing of raw materials. These raw materials are then mixed with various perfumes and the final composition is tested in the laboratory on site.

After completing the testing and achieving a satisfactory result, the wax can be poured into the glasses which are aligned neatly in a row. The glasses are prepped by setting the wicks at the bottom of the glasses which ensures that they are always perfectly centered.

When the wax is poured into the glass, the wicks are softened a bit due to the temperature of the wax. When the wax starts to solidify, the wicks are straightened by hand to make sure they stay in place once the wax has completely hardened.

The second to last step is to surface the candles. This describes the process of slightly melting the top layer so that the surface is perfectly smooth and the wick is cut at the top to ensure a perfect first burning.

The last step is the decorating of the glass, and of course packaging.

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